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Sichuan Wedtop Co., Ltd (manufacture) & Sichuan Wedtop Heat Sink Co., Ltd.( HK Office) is a one-stop service company focusing on customized heat sink.
The company provides various materials and different types of heat sinks, from designing molds-producing molds-extrusion profiles-product processing-thermal resistance test experiments-making thermal resistance images-thermal simulation-optimizing heat dissipation power design, providing customers with specialization One-stop service.
The products provided by the company have passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and international SGS and RoHS certification. The company's products are divided into three categories: self-cooling heat sink, air-cooling heatsink, and liquid-cooling heat sink. Products are exported to Europe, Russia, North America, India, Southeast Asia and other regions.
The company has a team of professional design engineers and structural engineers. The engineers have many years of radiator work experience and provide customers with professional design services. The company has long been providing design and production services to internationally renowned companies. We have carried out lightweight designs for customers many times to ensure thermal efficiency and product quality, while greatly reducing customer procurement costs. Quality-oriented and honest management are our business philosophy. Welcome to contact us.

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